Ten Horror Movies You Should See

I am a horror buff and like many of you out there I am not very impressed with what Hollywood is dishing out lately. If you too would like to watch something a bit offbeat, check out our Ten Horror Movies You Should See list below. Stay tuned for more movies ideas, there will be a zombie list coming soon!


MadhouseBuy Now A star-studded cast highlights this chilling creepfest, marking a decidedly new route for the familiar genre trope of an insane asylum that isn’t quite what it seems. Soon after his arrival, Dr. Clark Stevens (Joshua Leonard, THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: ESCAPE FROM BUTCHER BAY) begins to suspect something amiss at the Cunningham Hall Mental Facility, home to some of the most notorious psychiatric patients in the country. He undertakes an investigation of the hospital’s history with the help of one of the nurses, played by Jordan Ladd (CLUB DREAD), but what they uncover may cost them their lives. The cast also includes Natasha Lyonne (BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER), and Lance Henriksen (HELLRAISER: HELLWORLD).
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Last Man on Earth

The Last Man On EarthBuy Now Last Man On Earth is one of my personal favorites and Vincent Price was a master of Horror. If you have not seen this movie, now is the time. If you want to read the book, I Am Legend by Richard Matheson,  you can compare prices and find it here. Last Man On Earth is about a man who survives a global plague only to be stalked nightly by zombie like victims who call out his name.Vincent Price stars as Robert Morgan, a scientist who tried desperately to come up with a cure for an airborne virus that was killing people around the globe. Although he could not develop a serum in time to save his family, he himself seems to be immune from the disease. Thus, he is left to wander the streets by day, staking zombies, then barricading himself in his house each night as the zombies try to break in and kill him. Price is excellent in the role, going about his horrible business as if it were just another day: waking up and eating breakfast, putting on a suit, calmly staking the zombies, making dinner, listening to records at night. But when he suddenly sees what looks like another living soul out in the daylight, his world is suddenly turned inside out.
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Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living DeadBuy Now Yes, I know, I said that a Zombie list was coming soon, but i could not resist adding another one of my favorites! I love the Zombie genre and this movie was instrumental in the development of the Zombie craze. Night of the Living Dead was also partly inspired by Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend. Seven people are trapped in an isolated farmhouse and living an unspeakable nightmare. Cannibalistic zombies have been awakened from the dead and are on a relentless killing and eating binge. Re-make of the 1968 George Romero classic.After you watch this movie, I expect you to insert “They’re coming to get you, Barbra!” into your daily conversations. Trust me, it will make you look cool.
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Buy Now London. Midnight. Unable to find a taxi, model-agency broker Kate (Franka Potente) heads underground. Waiting for the last subway train, she dozes off…and awakens to find everyone else gone. Gripped by panic, Kate realizes she’s locked in. But she is not alone. Lurking in the pitch-black maze is something unimaginable. Something that calls a deranged laboratory home. And something that’s determined to make this subterranean hell Kate’s last stop!Learn More

House of Voices

House Of VoicesBuy Now House of Voices tells the chilling story of a woman who discovers the frightening secrets of an abandoned orphanage. Starring Virginie Ledoyen (The Beach), this film brings a terrifying new look at ghost stories, with a twist ending that is sure to shock you! Learn More

Silent Night Bloody Night

Silent Night Bloody NightBuy Now A man inherits a mansion, which was once a home for psychotic people. He visits the place and begins to investigate several crimes that occurred in the past, which results in making the townspeople very fearful. This movie has been credited as the movie that birthed the modern slasher flick. Learn More

Carnival of Souls

Carnival of SoulsBuy Now Made in 1962 on an extremely low budget, Herk Harvey’s classic CARNIVAL OF SOULS has become legendary for its ability to create a tensely creepy atmosphere with virtually no special effects. A young woman (Candace Hilligoss) is involved in a car crash when her car falls off a bridge while drag racing with some friends. After she pulls herself from the river, she moves to a new town to take a job as a church organist. Meanwhile, a distinctly eerie and hollow-faced man seems to be following her wherever she goes, while an abandoned lakeside amusement park beckons her with an almost gravitational pull. The effective organ score enhances the film to great effect, as do the bleak landscapes of Utah’s salt flats. Learn More


RECBuy Now REC continues Spain’s stranglehold on the European horror market. A TV journalist and her cameraman think they’re just tagging along on a routine mission for their local fire department, but when they arrive at the apartment building, they discover that something far more dangerous is happening.
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CujoBuy Now A friendly St. Bernard named “Cujo” contracts rabies and conducts a reign of terror on a small American town. Learn More


FrailityBuy Now Steeped in gloomy atmosphere, Frailty locates its horror in the tyranny of religious fanaticism. Bill Paxton’s directorial debut, FRAILTY, has been hailed for its originality by author Stephen King and director Sam Raimi (THE EVIL DEAD). The film opens on a stormy night when an intense man (Matthew McConaughey) walks into FBI headquarters in Dallas and tells Agent Wesley Doyle (Powers Boothe) that he knows who the “God’s Hand” serial killer is. He tells a compelling tale, shown in flashback, of how he and his brother lived with their kind widower father (Bill Paxton), a mechanic. One night, their father woke them to tell them he’d had a vision, and that God had commanded the family to slay demons in human form. The older brother, Fenton (Matt O’Leary), doesn’t believe a word of it, and assumes that their father has gone mad. The younger brother, Adam (Jeremy Sumpter), is more easily swayed. Soon the father is bringing people home, supposedly chosen by God for them to slay. When Fenton tries to resist his father’s plan, he finds his own life in danger.Learn More

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